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Solo Exhibition - June 2021 - Sixteen Gallery, Cheltenham, UK

Life on the Underground

The theme of my recent exhibition was born out of many years commuting on the London underground and painting this series has been partly a reflection on this period of my life, but it was also embracing those experiences that are part of who I am and accepting they always will be.

The paintings are centred around images I have sourced from photographs, the internet or news articles that have evoked a memory or reminded me of the people I met during my time working in the City of London. Some of the pictures include friends and family or characters that enabled me to introduce different narative to the work. 


The majority are painted in oils which allows me to restrict my pallette and achieve the effect you get from artificial lighting underground. In one or two of the pictures the carriage appears lit from inside using layers of coloured glaze to wash out some the variations in pigment.   

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